Field Layout & Player / Spectator designated areas

This email contains information about field layout, player benches during game play, and explanation.
This is the general layout of the soccer complex for this Fall soccer season.  For games we will be utilizing U7 Field 1, U7 Field 2, and U9 Game Field.  This is reflected on your game schedule.
The player benches will be placed between the fields being utilized for games, shown in GREENParents, spectators, etc should not be within this area during games.  Parents/spectators should be watching and cheering from the areas laid out in RED.
Explanation:  We need to keep the players separated from the spectators during game play for the following reasons.
  1. Most importantly, CPYSL (our governing entity) is requiring separation between players and spectators on all levels of play.
  2. It keeps the players contained to one location and is easier for the coach to locate them.  Players should not be encouraged to freely run to parents during game time.  Please tell your child to ask the coach to go see parents prior to doing so.  This allows the coach to know where your child is.
  3. Keeping spectators and players separated ensures players aren’t around those who are not to have contact with children, ie. predators.
For the above reasons, no one without proper clearances on file with BSYSA will be allowed to be at the player benches during game play.
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns regarding any of the above.
Thank you,
Chris Nenninger
Recreation Program Coordinator, BSYSA
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