Board Members Needed!!! June 5th meeting during end of season festivities!

Hello BSYSA Families,

It is great to once again be out on the fields again as we undergo the Spring 2021 season.  Covid 19 caused the cancelation of our Annual General Meeting.  It is at this meeting where we wrap up the spring season and gear up for the fall.  This is when we normally would hold elections for any open positions.  The Bylaws of Big Spring Youth Soccer Association has established that in odd years the Vice President and Secretary are up for election and in the even years it is the President and Treasurer.  We are in the predicament this year of having to hold elections for the entire Board of Directors.

The start of Spring season which we start planning for in October/November saw some of the previous Board members resign from their positions.  This was caused by various reasons, and some were only committed for 1 year.  We would like to thank them for their service.  The remaining Board members fulfilled many duties to provide our kids with this Spring season.   But several of these members have indicated that they would like to step down.   This means that the entire Board will be up for election.  Below you will find a listing of Board of Directors positions and a brief summary of duties.  If the Board positions are not filled there will not be a Fall 2021 season for Big Spring Youth Soccer Association.  This includes BOTH the Travel and recreational programs.

The meeting will be held in conjunction with our end of season picnic on June 5th starting at 12 pm.

President – 2 year term – A. Organizes and presides at official Board of Directors meetings and general membership meetings. B. Responsible for the overall management of the club’s operations. May make operational decisions with respect to specific situations, including the authority to temporarily suspend any appointed Club official or player, when it is impractical to solicit full Board of Directors approval. Any such action must be reported to the Board of Directors in a timely manner and is subject to their review and approval. Only the Board of Directors has the authority to make permanent policy, personnel or operational changes. C. Overall responsibility for the implementation of decisions by the Board of Directors. D. Signs checks as an alternate for the Treasurer. E. Appoints temporary Board of Directors members. F. Acts as the club’s primary representative at mandatory affiliate meetings. G. Participates in the evaluation of coaches. H. During the fall/spring seasons, in coordination with the Fields Director, verifies that game fields are in a safe and playable condition. I. Overall responsibilities for club public relations. J. Liaison with local government and school officials on various matters affecting the Club. K. President may only vote to break a deadlock. L. The President is a Trustee of the Association.

 Vice-President– 2 year term –  A. Assumes all powers of the President in their absence. B. Represents the club at monthly League meetings and functions as League Contact. C. Participates with the Director of Coaching and President in coaching evaluation. D. Performs responsibilities as assigned by the President. E. Act as Trustee. F. Ensure all clearances are acquired from all required parties.

Secretary– 2 year term –  A. Takes and maintains the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors. Upon approval of the Board of Directors, these minutes become the official record of actions taken by the Board of Directors. B. Maintains the by-laws, policies and procedures. C. Handles correspondence not otherwise assigned. D. Maintain files of all official club correspondence, generated by any member of the Board of Directors. E. Sends out meeting notifications and other official correspondence as assigned.

Treasurer – 2 year term – A. Develops the annual club budget and submits same to the Board of Directors for approval. The budget is developed to coincide with the club’s fiscal year. B. Maintains a record of all club expenditures. Keeps the Board of Directors advised of the status of expenditures against the budget. C. Manages all of the club’s checking accounts and any other money accounts. D. Maintains the club’s financial and tax records and documents. E. Files and maintains the articles of non-profit organizations with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Director of Coaching– 1 year term –  A. Develops and manages programs that improve and enhance the knowledge and skill of the club’s coaches. Ensures coaches meet league and club licensing and training requirements. B. Act as the coaches’ representative to the Board of Directors. Communicates policy decisions, procedures and general information to the coaches from the Board of Directors. C. Coordinate the distribution of information on tournaments, coaching clinics and licensing courses. D. In association with the President and Vice President, evaluates coaches and recommends appointment, developmental actions or removal of individual coaches. Recommendations are made to the full Board of Directors for approval. E. Organizes and manages tryouts if required and any given time. F. Maintains coaches’ licenses and all other required certifications. G. Acts as a Trustee.

Fields Director-1 year term- A. Ensures that the game and practice fields are in safe and playable condition. B. Coordinates all activities associated with maintaining and preparing fields/equipment for games and practices. C. Prepares an annual budget for field maintenance and submits same to the Treasurer, to be included in the annual club budget. D. Schedules all practice and game locations with all Township/Municipalities and League Contacts.

Ways And Means Director– 1 year term –   A. Responsible for coordinating and managing all club fund raising activities. B. Coordinates publicity for club activities and accomplishments within the community. C. Plans and organizes fall and spring picture days. D. Prepares the annual budget for fundraising activities and submits to the Treasurer to be included in the annual club budget.

 Equipment Director – 1 year term –  A. Manages and accounts for all club equipment, uniforms, and accessories. B. Responsible for timely procurement of club equipment, uniforms, and accessories. C. Collects all equipment at the end of each season for inventory and replacement purposes. D. Prepare an annual budget for club equipment and submits same to the Treasurer, to be included in the annual club budget.

Registrar– 1 year term –   A. Manages and coordinates player and team registration. This includes working directly with league officials and League Contact to ensure all registration activities are completed in a timely and thorough manner. B. Maintains official player and team registration documents and records. This includes the status of non-district residents currently playing with the club. C. Collects ALL player passes at the conclusion of each playing season.

Recreational Program Coordinator– 1 year term –   A. Responsible for running the Recreational Program and Smart Start Soccer Programs. This includes but is not limited to Rec and Smart Start Soccer Program registrations. B. Acquire coaches C. Maintaining fields and equipment provided for programs D. Acquiring t-shirts for above mentioned programs

Voting Guidelines

1. Candidates for election must be members in good standing and equates to one vote per family.

2. Candidates for the position of president must have been a club member for at least one year.

3. Voting may be by voice vote, roll call vote or written ballot as determined by the Board of Directors. 4. A person may not hold more than one Board of Director position simultaneously.

5. No more than one family member may participate as part of the Board of Directors


Without Volunteers this Organization will cease to exist.  I encourage you to reach out to the current Officers if you have any questions regarding any of the Offices.   They can be found on our website at       Remember the entire Board is up for election.  IF these positions are not filled there will be no Fall 2021 soccer for the Big Spring Youth Soccer Association Families.  If this happens the current Board of Directors will vote to dissolve the Association.


The meeting will be held in conjunction with our end of season picnic on June 5th  starting at 12 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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