Board of Directors

If the party you are trying to contact does not have an email link in their name, please send an email to our Social Media Manager stating who you are trying to reach.  They will be contacted immediately & asked to follow up with you in a timely manner.  In addition, all are welcome to attend the monthly meetings held the last Wednesday of the month.  Please check the Events Calendar for info & updates.

    President: Chris Best                                 Vice President: Todd Willhide  
    Treasurer: Angie Miller                                   Registrar:  OPEN POSITION                             
    Secretary: Meredith Musselman               Director of Coaching:  Chris Nenninger 
   Rec. Director:  Lee Beecher                        Field Coordinator: Clyde Christman
    Equipment Coordinator:    OPEN POSITION 

    Ways of Means Director (Fundraiser & Team Photos):   OPEN POSITION
Members At Large
These members are the liaisons for parents & coaches to the board. 
These members are on the fields during practices & games.
   Travel: Cory Binger
   Rec: Erin Purvis