BSYSA President announces cancellation of Fall 2020 season.

Good morning BSYSA families,
  I hope this email finds you all well and staying safe.   I take no pleasure in informing everyone that the board has decided to cancel the FALL 2020 season in a near unanimous vote.  COVID-19’s resurgence and guidelines established for returning to play were the deciding factor that this season just unfortunately wasn’t the potential risk to our coaches, players, and other volunteers as well as to the liability of the club for moving forward.   Sports activities were just starting and quickly shut down to positive cases in the area.   The league within our area’s youth football team decided to cancel their season.  Currently the CPYSL has not canceled but unfortunately there is no guarantee this will remain the case.  The EPYSA has guidelines for return to play which must be followed for our organization to not fall out of the protective league umbrella’s insurance coverage.  Judging by social media comments and through conversations with many within our community, I don’t think we can achieve the necessary compliance to meet EPYSA needs and properly ensure our club is doing everything recommended to protect the kids.   There are many opinions during these uncertain times.  Mandates / recommendations / guidelines are changing daily.   There are a wide array of opinions of this pandemic and the mandates / guidelines/ recommendations.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  We all live in a country where we are free to choose what we feel is reasonable to us.   The board doesn’t want to tell people how to live their lives or tell people they must go against their beliefs.   For a season to take place, that would have to happen.  Whether you agree with it or not, the EPYSA guidelines for the safest environment to continue soccer requires mask wearing and social distancing by parents.  This is just what is currently recommended, but is also expected to be followed.   Tighter restrictions may come down the line as things develop in our country.  These possibile restrictions may cause many to withdraw their children and ultimately cause the league to cancel mid season.   It is the board and my role to look out for safety first.   The board is unwilling to roll the dice and see what happens and possibly risk lives despite varying personal beliefs.   Sports unfortunately aren’t worth having a single case or outbreak.   We also do not want to get all revved up for the season and see it taken away which many of us think is very much possible.  Thus we are siding with caution with the information available to us and cancelling the Fall season in hopes that things allow for a Spring season.  This decision has not come easily.   Kids need outlets and normalcy during these uncertain times.   So much work has gone into registration and in preparing travel teams.   Items for sanitization have already been purchased.  We weighed all that in discussions as well.  We hope to put up the travel team goals on one field for our community to use at their own risk so that kids can engage in pickup games.  I realize how disappointing this news is as I’ve had to tell my own kids.  I am sorry and deeply saddened for the kids.
Please reach out to Todd or I with any comments and concerns.   We will address concerns and are open to reading any constructive feedback
Stay safe,
Chris Best
BSYSA President
717 908 0766
Todd Willhide
BSYSA Vice President
717 514 2836
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